Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Cheri, malevolence in the flesh

So the old skank of Ohio has got her leatherlined panties all bunged up over Cheriville and has decided on her means of getting back at yours truly.

How sweet.

True to form she does it like a coward, not naming names but using the collection of terms she reserves solely for me. Others get one or two of these little tags but only I get the full chorus.

Dead giveaway you troll. Anyone who has been around both sides of these comms for more than a year knows instantly your magnum opus of self righteous bullshit is aimed squarely at me.

And since I know you read my blog and other stuff on the net, here’s a challenge for you – though I know you’re too cowardly to take up this challenge: Join me. Become a silent partner in those activities you describe as predatory and see for yourself exactly what I do as I do it. If you still think it’s predatory behaviour then fine, report me. Report me anyway, I don’t care. Here’s the email address I use to do all my reporting:


I’ll tell you now, right off the bat, they’re 100 times faster and more efficient than your poxy little threatened FBI contacts of which you think so highly.

I use this group because they hook into the police forces of 30 odd countries to take down the filth – including your precious FBI.

I notice you didn’t bother to sign the petition I started 2 years ago which was (and still is) available for signing at http://www.petitiononline.com/StopPeds/petition.html
and if memory serves, you scorned it as a cynical attempt to divert attention away from myself.

I also haven’t seen you get personally involved with anything apart from your pathetic excuse of an msn community and thinking that validates your self proclaimed status as a guardian of decency and a crusader against evil.

You are the archetypal example of the legend in your own mind.

It’s just a shame your own envy has reached such a point it pervades every last aspect of your being, so much so that you resort to your cowardly attacks carefully omitting to name me in it but relying on the perspicacity of those around you to recognise at whom the attack was intended.

You pitiful coward, Cheri.

Not only will you not get off your fat pimply arse and do anything about what pisses you off – apart from this sort of pathetic example of innuendo – but you lamely attempt to vilify anyone else who does.

It’s because of sad little fucks like you I had to enlist the help of an independent observer to everything I’m doing on that side of the internet. It’s because sad, cowardly little maggots like you it’s not enough for me to be doing something about online predators – as you call them – but I have to have someone oversee what I do just to make sure everything I do is above board, innocent and that it is in fact what I proclaim it to be.

I had to enlist the help of an independent observer to protect myself from just this sort of lie you in your self righteous ignorance take pleasure in spreading.

It’s your sort who really should be euthanised. You’re happy to spread a lie and not take responsibility for it, hiding behind insinuation and innuendo, but you’re too pathetic, too cowardly and to ignorant to do anything more than lord it over those idiots you call family in your pathetic little community.

Well, I hope you’re happy living in your little world of fear and ignorance. For my part, I’m going to enjoy building Cheriville and turning it not into a monument just to your absolute ludicrousness, but also your abject moral bankruptcy.

I never bothered to hate you before. You weren’t worth it. But you’re not just attacking me with this sort of shit, you have, without knowing it, also attacked those young people with whom I’ve been building bridges and whom, if I were to direct them to what you’ve said would be just as injured by it as all those others who know of my activities would be.

Your attempt to provoke one of your idiotic sycophants to notify the FBI of my activities is an attempt to remove a resource some of these young people draw on when they need someone not to judge them and to whom they turn for help with whatever might be on their minds. In short, you want to remove from them someone who might actually be able to be a factor which prevents them from falling into the clutches of that sort of person you accuse me of being – a pedophile. I can’t wish on you the sort of pain it is I’m devoting half of my online time trying to prevent. I would gladly wish it, but I couldn’t live with myself descending to your level.

You are nothing but a foul minded, malevolent, lying little bitch. Just do the whole world a favour and kill yourself. You’re not worth the price of a bullet to murder.

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