Saturday, September 03, 2005

Gosh, how long has it been since I blogged here - even though I halfway made a commitment to update it far more regularly than once I did?

Truth be known, I have many other places on the e-bog which are also demanding of my time. My other precious blog is, I will confess, quickly becoming more important to me than this one because it involves many other people. Not in the comm sense like PA, but like a group of people who link their individual blogs amongst themselves and I am an increasingly relevant part of that group. I find it difficult tearing myself away from it.

PA is now home to MenckensMan, with whom I've swapped 8 or so emails and I'm proud to call this former adversary a valuable friend and I'm really pleased I made the effort to put the animosity aside. It wasn't hard. The man's a hoot.

I am still wrestling with the story of my soul in The Pad which I was hoping to update on at least a weekly basis but it looks like it will be a bi-weekly thing instead. In a nutshell, it's a salient lesson on life but couched in the most absurd terms in the most absurd situation I can imagine. It's not easy keeping the story faithful and pertinent yet hiding its intent to the extent the moral is absorbed almost by accident. Always the ulterior motive. At least it's a 100% safe bet the motives are pure.

God, at the moment, the frame of mind I'm in, I'd find it difficult to even think of being evil. I haven't been hunting for evil for more than a week either. The last time I went out looking for shit to shut down was when I was totally bored off my skull. I didn't find much. In the previous month I shut down about 20 boards but the same nicks keep springing up again. It gets depressing, but at least one good thing came of it, though for how long is anyone's guess.

Cheriville is demanding attention. I want that to be a showcase of stupidity. Not that the source material needs any help from me, it's stupid enough on its own, but it's not my style to take what I want without mixing it with a bit of Rat observation and turning it into something more than it was.

It's not that this blog isn't important to me anymore, it is. It's just that I'm undisciplined to devote set amounts of time to each project and those of the other circle continue to take my breath away with their joie de vivre. I love them all singularly and collectively. I really do.

My second to last entry was an extravaganza of Australiana which hit the spot just nicely. It gave me the idea of doing a blog for Melbourne. It's on yet another site but it's yet another ChatRat link. If I can't be the best, at least I'll be the most prolific. (Chris Locke is still the best beyond any shadow of doubt. Click the More Rageboy link for all the proof you could ever want of that statement.)

Here's the new link: Melbourne

What a terminally dull url. Oh well. It serves a purpose, and more than you here will ever know.

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Teresa said...

Yeah, you told ME you was going to keep this updated! That's ok though, I know what it's like. I have other places on the net where I spend more of my time too. I hardly ever post in my own blog. I finally updated it tonight. I noticed that I only posted in there twice in August! I'll still check in here regularly. I enjoy reading what you write. I hope you are taking care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

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Rat said...

Ah yes, Crohn's Disease, otherwise known as ulcerative colitis. I had something to say about that way back in the early days of The Swamp and believe me, it wasn't flattering.

Teresa my sweet, next time you drop by, do remember to close the door properly when you leave. There's a dear.

Teresa said...

Oh Rat, I'm sorry. Did I let the flies in?