Friday, February 08, 2008

Remember SoClear?

No, it's not the Church of Scientology's latest skin care package, it's a worldwide pedo information exchange on Yahoo. They have a creepy beyond belief channel on YouTube that makes this writer feel like switching YouTube off. (Even though I never clicked on even one of Bong's links.)

Well, it looks like they've got their own messageboard now - called SoFightBack.

It started this week by the look of it, has only 5 members and 3 posts so far, but one of those members is ELP.

EVERYONE in the anti-pedo community should know who ELP is. He's almost as much part and parcel of that crowd as was DLW who got jailed late last year.

Having just looked over the Wikisposure page, I noticed neither of those two creeps has a listing.

Come on Pee-J, I thought you were the best in the world. Maybe I got that wrong and the only kids you care about are American kids.

Fancy that because DLW is VERY famous. He was one of the first to bitch about Justin Berry turning state's evidence (laying all the blame on Justin of course - DLW is a pedophile, therefore he's as cowardly as they all are).

That's David Williams, the pedo maggot scumbag.

Not so chipper now, are you David.


Wish I could remember who put that arrest on the board.

Anyway, in other news, the Australian Federal Police rang me from Canberra on Wednesday about a report I filed in the UK about a month ago.

The hardest part of reporting stuff you've seen happening to other people's kids is that without the incident being reported by the kids themselves, there's not a hell of a lot to go on. And when the kids won't even talk to their parents about what's happened, what hope is there of getting them to talk to police?

This one affects me personally because the kid did so much to improve the situation - didn't just sit there being a victim, didn't just 'let things take their course and deal with it as best you can'. This was one brave kid who just doesn't happen to have parental backing when it comes to taking the steps vital to prevent the same thing from happening to other kids.

My crew and I are also in touch with CEOP for a manual on the best way to secure the arrest of online predators. This is where my crew differ from Pee-J. My crew aren't just trained adults. They're fairly savvy adults and they're kids from 14 - 17 who are turning the tables on perverted filthbags by KNOWING WHAT TO DO WHEN A PERVERT STARTS A CHAT.

Yes, that's right. Perverts don't just mistakenly chat to undercover Pee-J operatives, perverts actually chat to real kids as well. The standard advice is "block them, delete them, report abuse."

Erm, pardon me but fuck off.

The kids in my crew are fed to the back teeth of that kind of 'action' and they're so fed up with perverts hitting on them they want to take active steps to prevent it. The stupid 1950's patriarchal attitude goes something along the lines of "This is no job for a kid, let an adult take care of it."

But what happens when a kid hands it over to an adult?

Bloody nothing of course, because the adults have bugger all idea what to do about it either. So, I've got a bunch of people - including kids - who WANT to take action so by Christ I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure if or when the time comes, they know exactly what to do in order to maximise the possibility of getting a pervert arrested.

Oh... Sorry Phillip, that's the non-American way of doing business on the internet. You don't wait for the nursemaid to clean up, you learn to clean up for yourself.

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