Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another one bites the dust.

Darryl the fat pedo scumbag in Adelaide's southern suburbs got arrested this week and has had his computer seized.

Sux to be you, Darryl. Become an hero? It's really not as bad as you think.

Despite the Sunday Mail having had the story in its pipeline for only a couple of weeks, it's one on which I've been working since late last year. We got him booted out of his SNS and that would have been an end of it except for the fact he came back and one of the kids found him and then I found him.

It didn't take all that long to find "evidence" on one site but it wasn't good enough. It was only by watching and following his comments that we managed to get his msn and from there, his membership of 4 networking sites which led to his arrest this week.

One of the kids got him to tell us when he'd be returning from a holiday in New Zealand too so it was a nice welcome home - for us anyway. lol

This story was especially pleasing because one of my haters alerted Darryl to the page I made for him on my website. He deleted 2 of the accounts I put up in there but his other two accounts are still active. That kinda tells me that he didn't think my reach would extend into his offline world. I have every confidence in the ability of police to retrieve any information he might have tried to delete from his hard drive too.

And I'll be watching his other profiles to see if they mysteriously disappear or have info added to them to the affect that he's been busted.

I really just hope he kills himself while he's out on bail. It's been known to happen in the past and word of his arrest and the reasons for it are bound to get around his football club and tennis club and elsewhere which should deprive him of all his support networks. Becoming an hero would be in his best interests.

He's out on bail, that means he's very unlikely to get a custodial sentence if the police press charges and he's convicted. But I'm not finished with Darryl yet.

The kid who put me on his trail was only 13 at the time. Justice in South Australia might determine his debt to South Australians but I'm not South Australian and neither is that 13yo.

Det-Sgt Peter Rodney of the South Australian Sexual Crime Investigation Branch may be in receipt of more information on Darryl before this gets to court if I have anything to do with it.

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