Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another site

I've been trialing freehosting websites for the last few weeks before I transfer a finished product to my own domain.

Most of them are complete crap, which I sort of expected but I did at least expect to be able to upload and update the site contents as and when I wanted.

They all have the same cPanel editing which is geared to complete novices at web design which didn't suit me at all, so I design the site on my desktop then upload it as code when the page is done. No problems.

Well... that is until I opened the site in Firefox and IE and noticed the vast difference in layout between the two browsers, then the browser hacking started and it took me 4 hours to get rid of as many bugs and tweak the code so it presents almost identically in both browsers.

I tried to upload the code in 2 of the 5 free hosting sites I picked and one just wouldn't even let me into the cPanel environment.

The other, after wrestling with the code, I joined the host's forum and made a note of how much of a bitch it was manipulating the css to cater for the different browsers and lo and behold, when I signed in tonight to do more updating, the best site of the 5 I've tried fixed up the css issue and now it's twice as easy and convenient as it was before.

So, if you're looking for a free webhosting service with no banner ads, no pop-ups or pop-unders, I seriously suggest trotting along to and signing up.

Sure there are hosts with more space allowance; I got ones with 2gb, 5gb and 10gb but what's the point when almost 1gb is more than enough for what I'm doing and the site actually works and the admins are on the ball and responsive.

I've got a great switched on team helping with everything as well. As usual, they're spread out across the country and around the world, but having people in 4 timezones is a huge bonus.

^ * ^ * ^ * ^ * ^

In other news, if anyone was wondering how much damage an internet stalker can do in real life, one of the kids had a stalker log in to his msn and start messaging contacts. I was woken by a phone call at 5.30 in the morning from Boston because the stalker thought it would be funny to get this kid's mates to "show more than (their) faces" on webcam by this creep.

The kid has to face these people at school next week and explain that it wasn't him and why this cretin is stalking him. It's all happening in England too which makes it almost impossible for me to trot round to the stalker's place and give him a fat dose of how's yer aunty.

I did the next best thing though; I gathered all the logs from all the kids involved and emailed the whole lot off to Scotland Yard with as much detail as I know about the creep who's doing it.

So, if you know Keiron Harkin of Preston, Lancs, do be sure and brick the maggot's windows.

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The party in Narre Warren made me laugh a bit.

The media scrum afterwards made me sick to the pit of my stomach. If I were Corey Delaney, I'd be pressing assault charges on that fucker who manhandled him in the radio studio.

On A Current Affair, the reporter seemed proud after waiting around outside a police station all day for a chance of catching a glimpse of 2008's first hero, he got wind of the fact Corey was at Frankston beach and the media circus stalked the lad even there. Creepy suckholes.

They're all over the kid like sunburn and because Corey won't take off those epic sunnies, they hate him. They can't understand why he won't co-operate. They ask him megalithicly stupid questions like "do you regret what you did?" to which Corey quite rightly says "I didn't do the damage, so I'm not responsible for what other people did."

He's kicking the media's arse with his attitude and that is fantastic. No he ain't gunna toe the media line and no he ain't gunna be made to feel contrite because of stupid questions about morality and responsibility.

He's 16 not 24!! He lives in Narre Warren, not some salacious upmarket utopian suburb.

The more Corey refuses to bow to media pressure, the more the rest of the non-deadhearted sections of the population cheer him and the more intense the media scrutiny becomes.

He's been offered a guest spot as a host for Big Brother 2008. I wonder how many more slightly savvy but equally creepy media bosses will jump on the band wagon and try to make him bow their will by offering bribes.

I just get the feeling it either won't happen or it'll be a monumental disaster for them. You don't tame kids like Corey Delaney. You find out what he likes and get him to put his name on stuff. How perfect would it be for RayBan or Oakley to have their sunnies on that kid's face.

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