Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bloody YouTube, the tightarses..

500 character comment limit my arse.

Here's the vid:

And here's the comment:

16 in a row - the last 2 against blokes with mos. Sam Kekovich has the answer: You can't expect a top team to adopt a policy and then abandon it at the first sign of trouble. A bunch of left wing bleeding heart soft cocks would bow to the forces of nature and grow back the mo to regain that lost aura of masculinity but what a lot of bullshit that is. Look at all the mo wearing poofters in history, Mercury, Olivier, Dumbledore... The true test of courage is the team that turns adversity to its advantage and "natural forces" on its head and drags the rest of the world kicking and screaming into its own future and ignoring those un-Australian forces still living in 2005 that think the mo maketh the man. It doesn't. Not any more. The Australian way is only the way and the rest of the world has to accept that if they want to get anywhere in this life. Them and those mo wearing jungle bunnies comprehensively thrashed by the all-conquering hero test nation of the planet have to smarten up their thinking, throw a lamb chop on the barbie and crack open an ice cold beer.

And the best cold beer is Vic.

You know it makes sense.

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