Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I caught up with a couple of people last week whom I met at a train station a few months ago.

It made my week.

Not much else has happened that is worthy of a blog mention.

Except to say I've experienced the tiniest modicum of disappointment in a few people at PA. I actually gave thought to leaving the group yesterday whilst I removed myself from Philochat and Big Daddy's Cafe. Leaving would have totally removed zippy's reason for even being there since all he's done is try to get the better of me since he got back from his honeymoon. I mentioned it in one thread and it was taken by him to be a threat to his offline existence, such as it is.

What a gimp. Red X, zippy. If it's no longer fun for you, use the little red X.

Fuck, some people are stupid.


Teresa said...


You better never leave... or else it's teddy bears and smileys in your email for life!!!

But seriously, it wouldn't be the same without you there. Don't even think about going anywhere!

The "nice" "bitch",


Rat said...

I dunno Teresa, I must be growing up or something equally horrible.

The fact I actually care enough about one or two things to uphold my stance on them in a forum where for years the only measure of the worth of a member is the wittiness of their put-downs, seems to me a fair indication it's probably time I moved on.

One thing, at least, I'm glad I haven't done is bring anyone else's offspring (except Lab's when he got dirty over ConMonkey (she's still one of the kids to me...) into the arguments. I even left zippy's new wife out of it.

I don't mind having the entire group against me, I've done that a few times before - but at least it used to be based on fact, now it's just innuendo and bullshit.

Teresa said...

Well, I don't know a lot of the history between you and other members since I've never spent enough time in there to actually keep up on everything. I do know that you've always had someone in your corner even if the number has been minimal at times.

It'll move on to other things. It always does. Hell, it seems to already be doing so. But if you leave they will have won and you shouldn't let them get the better of you like that. It's just not your nature.

It's not always put downs and bullshit there. PA actually does have occasional things that are serious discussions or show caring for others. Yes, I know it's rare... but it is an internet forum afterall. (can't expect miracles)

Oh, and for the record, don't say you're growing up. I refuse to believe it. It's just not possible.

Now, like I already said... you better NOT leave!!! I mean it!