Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh how positively petty.

I got booted out of P&A.

Funny isn't it. Anyone can say whatever they like about me and mine, but when I do likewise, it's the end of the world.

"But you brought it up first, Rat, so don't blame other people when you get responses you don't like."

And I got you to bring it up later - in the heat of battle no less - so does that mean I'm not allowed to respond in the same manner to which you responded to my messages?

Those oh so perfect in every way women can gleefully have a free-for-all at the expense of my beloved little brother, but bring Wes's brat into the mix and it's evil beyond belief - even though I didn't besmirch the kid or say anything negative about him. (Until now, but this is my blog and I'll say whatever I friggin well want to say...)

But I know why they banned me. It was because dear Wes felt threatened that I would take her online activities offline and email her boss that she spends hours of her day every day mucking about on MSN messageboards on her work computer.

The comment that did it was "That's telling. That's very telling. I wonder if I should tell."

Although I did clarify that I wouldn't do any such thing, and they should damn well know that, it was still perceived as a real threat - or so they'd like to make out they felt threatened - so Rat had to go. No fanfare, no email, just bye-bye.

What stuns me the most is that all the behaviours I exhibit about which they all complain are exactly the same behaviours they exhibit themselves.

But I think what really makes my breakfast is the fact I was accused of making a threat against zippy as well - when in this blog I'd pointed out the threat was merely a hint that I might just leave the group altogether thus taking the wind out of zippy's sails - he'd have nothing about which to complain and therefore no reason to even be a member of the group.

Nice one Jen. Zippy said you have balls for making a decision. The trouble is, they're Wes's balls. The sisterhood thrives.

Oh well... I'm done with it all now. The kids want me to get active again over the other side so who needs the bullshit, the backstabbing, the paranoia, the innuendo, the cattiness and negativity of a bunch of airheads who've hit middle age before they've hit 30.

What a lot of bollocks. I should have done this last year when I first ventured over to the other side, realised how much I didn't need all the shit of which I complained at msn and just never bothered going back.

New horizons, no baggage. Let's see where it goes.


Cham said...

Man, I missed out on the fun, didn't I.

Okay...I'm just here to say hi to you. ;)

I remember you said you were going to leave if it got too heavy. I haven't peeked into PA, yet - so I guess I'll read about the event whenever.

So hey - what happened? Did a fat chick in a party hat roll into PA? :p


(Because I have no gripe.)

Rat said...

No, I just took a pot-shot at the head pussy of the pussy-posse and Jen cancelled my membership for making threats to take a board quarrel into real life.

To be honest, Jen did me a massive favour and I owe her a debt of thanks. I sent her an email advising her to be wary of being dragged down to the level of Wes and Lea (and I have to admit, I got pretty crass with it as well) and to maintain her moral highground by not giving in to the exaggeration and bullshit of Wes and zippy.

So, now we'll just see how it pans out now that I'm not there. What will zippy post now that he's lost his reason for being there - which was to take pot-shots at me. Let's see if he has anything of value to add to the group.

I probably won't even watch the goings on after another week or so. I already feel so relieved I'm not part of it anymore. Liz knows how to contact me if she feels like it, everyone else should too - it's not like I'm hard to find.

Teresa said...

Well Rat, as usual you are still the center of attention! lol! ;) They are still going on and on and on about it all. And there are spats sparking up between differing sides on these issues that came up about what you did and what Henry did.

Oh, and Zippy posted 3 more times after you got booted (that same day), the last one being mostly about you. He hasn't posted since! lol! ;)

Wes has been fighting with a few people since your departure. Seems she does have to have someone to fight with. lol!

Rat said...

Oh I know, Teresa...

Notice how it was fine to go the whole hog about Christopher, but taking a potshot at Wes's kid earns the description of being 'vapid'.

My my my, how the worm turns.

Teresa said...

I know. It seems in there that it's always 'what's good for one is not for another'.

And I finally posted! I only had time because I can't sleep. I've been on overdrive or something. lol! And I have to be up in about 3 hours or so!

Cham said...

Okay - caught up here, Paul...

What I received from members via e-mail is heresay, anyway (I thought by now they would have learned to stfu. Pfft - apparently they don't know how.) So I managed to avoid making myself cross-eyed with the group's banter even after your 'Rat' nick went bye-bye.

lol Teresa - of course he's going to be the center of attention, then as well as now. People can't help talking about him, like moths being drawn to a flame.

Hey - popularity is fun, Rat. ;)

Need I remind you that anytime your name pops up in any conversation, it's all worth it.