Saturday, September 30, 2006

In case anyone thought I'm going soft...

Being a prick just encourages these idiotic bimbos to keep trying their luck.

Hello, My name is Daniella or you can call me Sweety cos that what my mom do call me .

It doesn't matter what your mother calls you, you're still a fuckwit.

i am 31yrs from West Africa/Nigeria saw ur profile on here and i was really hooked up and would love to get to know u ......


i am a into Sales and do model too ....

Really? How fascinating. I am into historical biographies and torturing other people's pets. Let's swap recipes some day.

i am single and never been married.

Surprise surprise.

i am 5'5 tall and black hair,

Umm... so whose pic is this then?

i have gone through 2 dates now but just won't find a suitable match for myself

Well there are more than 2.9 billion guys on the planet, keep trying.

...i have gone through so many things in life which i will like to express right now

Oh dear god, spare me please...

and i must tell you that you seems sweet nice and kind

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!! Wooooo hooooo!!!!
How do you say "WRONG!" in Nigerian?

and your profile tells me more about you,

As profiles tend to do. Mine, as it happens though, is fairly sparse.

i must tell you i need a man like you in my life,you have all the qualities a woman like me need in a man.

I have not the words.

i am Kinda shy of expressing my feelings in person,and most man here in my states are not honest with me all they need from me is sex and pleasure.

Yeah and?

i am a aquarius.

You are an idiot.

well it nice coming accross your profile and i think it really intresting...

I'm sorry, did I see you write the words "you think"? Oh my, I did too. Now there's a dangerous prospect.

You want to be treated right. You want to be valued and understood. You want to be free to express yourself and you understand the world around you.

Yeah, and I already have all that.

i have ben hurt so mant times and i am wanting to meet a nice man as you are.........

Look, I'd say I really hate to disappoint you, but that would be an outrageous lie. Frankly, I hope you get eaten by lions.

i love to play golf,tennis and soccer,camping,writing and watch sporting games and a whole lot other things to make me busy and don't lonely.

So what the fuck do you want a man in your life for then? Get one of those and you'll be stuck cooking, cleaning, washing...

like to travel and i think i have been a good traveller and better one.well a little about me would feel very happy if i could get a response from you...

Nah, you don't really want a response from me. I'd only encourage you to mess round with explosives or taunt rival militia leaders... you know, really shortlived passtimes.

until then have a good and nice day out there hope to hear from you soon.

Don't get those hopes up too high, tootsie.

you might not be able to view my profile maybe they have not approve it yet but they will approve it later in the day i just join today please do not reply to me on here i am on a free 3day trial and might get booted off anytime,

Free 3 day trial huh... On MySpace... You mean, you're tempting fate for 3 days until someone tells Tom what a horrible spamwhore you are. Frankly, my money's on Tom.

my private email address it's.... daniesblues3250 at yahoo dot com ( am also on yahoo messenger too so you can as well leave me a message .....

Like um.... oooooh.... Get fucked? (Do feel free, dear readers, to pass my thoughts to the lovely whatsername.)

i hope to hear from you soon until then have a great time.

Doing what??

care to hear from u soon.if You will like to see my pix you can mail me or chat with me on yahoo instant messenger...
Take good care of your self.

N:B: i will be re-locating soon as soon as i find my Mr.Right if that is what he needs for a better relationship.

Hmmm... tricky. I think if it came down to better relationships, you'd probably come third behind a puff adder and an angry scorpion.
its make me feel special and wortly,.i will really like to learn more about you, i want you to know that the first time i look into your profiles, its really touched my heart and got my attention,so thats why i email you,to let you know that someone know you're cutie and want to meet you in person somedays soon, am a kind of woman with a great sence of humor who's not always afraid to show my feelings to others,.am creative,passionate and self confident,i got some little exprience about internet dating, and i know its a better way to meet the right one,.
(My bucket runneth over...) so thats why i join the site, sweetie i want you to know that about founding the right one is not about the love we have in the begining,is all about the love we gonna achieve , so sweetie, will you mind telling me more about yourself , and i want you to know that am not looking for the love alone,i want my love to be my best friend and my partner, can't wait to read your lovely letter soon, cos its now your turn to reply,. reply to
God Bless you sweetie.

Don't call me sweetie, you dozy trollop.


Paul's Inner Beauty said...

Erm, is she seeing the same profile as the rest of us?

Rat said...

Seeing perhaps. But seeing isn't the same as reading.

Cham said...

lol The best laugh I've had this weekend.

Cheers for now and later, Paul...