Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stupid bastards...

...are still pissing me off.

Around the corner from where I'm currently vocationally engaged, there is a Peugeot service centre. (Yes, that's how we spell that word here.)

Anyway, the apprentice is the workshop gopher. The others traipse in every couple of days or so as well, and they are without doubt the dumbest hoard of steaming social misfits who haven't been discovered by mental health professionals and locked away in some cellar somewhere.

I've told yon apprentice how much it bugs me that he's the one they pick to go and get all the lunches. He says it doesn't bother him so I just keep the conversation away from the topic that gets my blood a tad intemperate.

Filthy bullying suckholes, I'd piss in their drinks if I could get away with it but I can't, so I smile and talk nicely to them whilst thinking of all the terrible things I could do if given free reign to do so. It should, however, be noted that I'm not a violent person by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm mischievous as hell and anyone who's known me more than 5 minutes will agree.

But who is going to end this cycle of bullshit behaviour towards the young and ambitious? It's not a rite of passage, it's the personal insecurity of bullies ganging up on the defenceless and it has been exactly the same for centuries. I refuse point blank to hear any poxy argument that this sort of treatment toughens people up and makes them stronger in the long run - that's just fucking bullshit.

It wrecks a person's self esteem and turns them into nervous wrecks who then have to struggle just to get an even footing in the world. Toughens a person up - my foot. Victims of bullies way too often end up killing themselves in despair.

Is this a personal bugbear with me? After my imprisonment at Haileybury College for 5 semesters, I'm proud to say my fucking oath it's a bugbear with me. A major one at that. And what makes that place such a nightmare memory is the fact it wasn't the kids with whom I had issues there, it was the staff who were engaged in "character building" practices. Fucking dinosaurs. I'll piss on their graves if I ever see them.

It's impressive holding grudges like that for more than 20 years I think. And isn't it odd how little things evoke such powerful memories.


Cham said...

Too bad there's not a recommend button - I like this entry.

Give them hell, Rat...

That's right - it doesn't toughen people. It's just cause for revenge (good and bad. I can't really say it's a mixed blessing, though.)

"The rite of passage" is bs.

Teresa said...

I was a quiet and shy child.

Yes, me, quiet and shy... shut up Rat! lol!

Anyway, I was bullied by other kids. When I was older, I changed... and so did the impact bullying had on me. I think you are right on the most part. It does destroy self esteem, for most people, but it does other things as well. I think it really depends on the person's personality to start with. Sometimes that pain turns to anger and that can lead to them hurting others instead of themselves. Either way, it is a very negative thing and I'm with Cham... Give 'em hell!!!

Cham said...

Teresa? Quiet AND shy? Even I have to lol @ that. :p

I agree what she said about how it "depends on the person's personality to start with". I suppose it depends on the perception of the word 'tough'.

I mean - I was bullied as a kid, but I can actually admit that I used my fear/anger/pain to fight back harder, and didn't think of the consequences. I was a small kid. And shy/quiet? Heh, well it depends on the situation and the people.


Rat said...

It's a bit daunting when, as a kid, you get bullied by teachers as a matter of course. My peers didn't bully me because I was a smart arse and made everyone laugh. But I was a bit weedy until I left school, so the staff hated my guts. Except one very wise teacher who stood me up in the class one day and said he liked me because I built myself up by building myself up, not taking others down.

Mad kudos to Andrew Mackenzie for that wrap.

Cham said...

Rat: "It's a bit daunting when, as a kid, you get bullied by teachers as a matter of course."

Yes it is, Paul...

Schools needed to do (better) back-ground checks on some of those teachers. Some adults certainly shouldn't be around/teaching/working with kids (no matter what the kids' ages are).

*Shakes head*