Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sanctimonious twats of all persuasions piss me off no end.

I ditched a few of the dullest msn groups it's ever been my experience to have umm experienced. Plus one run by an irritant who has taken a dislike to me because of a spat we had in a football forum.

As everyone knows, I swear quite a bit. So does he. I left a brilliant swipe at one sanctimonious twat and dropped the f word a couple of times. My message was deleted and I was told to drop the swearing or leave the group.

I left.

Piss on him.

It's the second time I've done that to him too. Different groups but it's not going to happen again. To hell with that. I don't invite people to my place if I don't like what they say or how they behave, he's known me for 5 years, knows my temper and all that. Why invite me only to remove what I say? Fuckwit. Bye bye. Have a nice life.

A few of the kids have started leaving wraps of their 2005. I was going to do one here but, frankly, I can't be bothered.

I got another funny email from Rageboy the other day too. Funny as in funny haha. He asked my opinion of something he'd written. I told him he's asking the wrong person, that I'd crawl naked over hot coals to hear the sound of him pissing in a jam tin. His reply was that he'd go and get himself a jam tin.


I can't wait until that book is finished. I SO badly want to buy several copies and distribute them amongst a hoard of fundy imbeciles with that expression of delighted ignorance and innocence which I'm so skilled at displaying.

I wonder if Hank will in fact come to Australia now that I've made the suggestion. I sure hope he does. I have a feeling there would be much laughter coming from our meeting.

It's late again. I always leave it too late to do this updating thing. I have to get sleep for I am working tomorrow. Short day, but I still have to get up early. Bummer.


Cham said...

lol You swear quite a lot...but you've cut down quite a bit.

Damn - wth's wrong with swearing? It's one of the best things The Rat's notorious for.

Let me guess, touched a (sensitive) nerve, and the guy almost kicked himself in the ass. And so it was either going to be you or him?

Rat said...

That's just the thing, I wasn't even addressing him, I was addressing someone else.

My guess is I said what I said better and more eloquently than he could have said it. If I hadn't have sworn at all, he would have just deleted it without the "Cut the swearing comment."

(The guy is a classic Ford t-shirt wearing redneck with a double chin and buzzcut.)

Classy as a shit on the living room floor.

Cham said...

Hs - as soon as I saw the word 'redneck'...Nevermind.

I've been lol for a couple of days at the description you gave.


Rat said...

He also read this particular entry...

He said he never invited me to the group. I beg to differ. I was having an IM convo with his g/f and she asked why I'd quit AvG. I said because he doesn't like me and I don't feel like banging heads with him. She relayed the message and he said that was nonsense, that I should rejoin. So I did.

Then, as comments were flying about CD, I applied to join and was accepted. He's a bloody manager there. Why bother accepting me, knowing what I'm like if, when I do what I always do, I'm going to have my messages deleted? And it's not like I dominated the boards there either. I'd be lucky if I posted 10 messages the entire time I was there.

Oh, so he has never worn a Ford t-shirt in his life, he says. Well gee, that makes a whole world of difference.

But as I told him tonight, like I give a fuck. It's an MSN community. "If you don't like it," I say, "leave."

Call me anything you like, but I'm no hypocrite.

Cham said...

Just passing through, because I'm looking for an entry that you made sometime ago. And hey - I thought it was funny.