Saturday, March 05, 2005

Next week at work, the newbies are swapping offices. The bloke who shares the office with me is going to the other side of the river, the two girls on the other side of the river are going to be in the same building as me.

And the girl with the OGA got dibs on sharing my office before the other girl could get a word in.

Not having been present when the selection occurred, I have no idea how this came to pass nor what led up to it.

Anyway, next Sunday I've got a lunch thing happening. One of my old chat mates from those long ago days in mIRC is coming out to honour us with her presence. The kid round the corner has said he will come, I'm going to ask the girl with the OGA to be there as well and maybe someone else from the office - plus I'll do the old recruitment ring-around thing and see how many others I can get to tag along.

The real purpose of the thing is to get Mopster and OGA to meet and, with a bit of luck, fall hopelessly passionately in lust with each other - thereby getting me off the hook. The rest is just a smokescreen but tailored to be entertaining enough to disguise the real purpose of the event so well, that even anyone with inside knowledge - ie anyone reading this blog - would fail to recognise it for what it is.

Besides, it's my birthday so what better excuse to have a party with a few friends along.

Why the hell did the OGA girl have to be so adamant and enthusiastic about getting her arse in the seat next to me at work.

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