Sunday, August 10, 2003

Where do you go when your major interest - the one with the subcribing audience - fucks up?

You come here and blog. That's what blogs are for after all...

I mean WHO in their right minds actually subscribes anywhere any more to get emails?

It's hard enough getting people to visit your website you know the one:

Sheesh... I know that's going to look awful if Blogger doesn't convert that html for you, but we live in hope.

I'd totally forgotten what I wrote a week ago about that black spot thing.
Not that it really mattered, no graffiti artists have done it and emailed me to tell me about it.

Ho hum... does anyone read blogs any more or are they all just preoccupied with message boards where they can tell the owner or hosts to go jump if something doesn't suit them?

I read Rageboy's blog from time to time. (I do prefer the EGR mailouts though). I hate visiting someone's website and all you get is links away from their website. Is that just me or does anyone else find that too? Links around the site are fine, links away from it just strike me as a waste of time.

If this is not how you feel and you have a website of your own, feel free to visit the batcave, rip the masthead and put it up as a link in your own site. I don't mind. You can always tell people you have some seriously insane friends and one in particular has started making demands... you know, put the link up or I'll drive my Winabago through your fishpond - crap like that.

What is it with internet personas?

Why do a few people find it necessary to have 20928204683502975 different nicknames or identities IN THE ONE SITE?

Want to see what I mean?

Check out the member list of an msn community called philosophy and absurdity...

It shouldn't take you long to find out who wins the schizoid of the year award. For that matter, it shouldn't take long to work out the runner up either.

You wanna find me? You look for ChatRat... that simple.

I worry about people who come on the internet with that many different identities. Once you get to know who's behind all of them, you understand why they do it and it has nothing to do with anything worthwhile. It's madness. Pure and simple. These different identities belonging to the same person respond to their own messages. True! I think I may start being rude to one of those identities and feign ignorance. Madness I tell you.

Megalomania is one thing and I can fully understand and appreciate that. After all, it's my form of mental illness!

But this pseudo schizophrenia? Bleh.. forget it.

Oh well.. it's late, I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

If you've read this far, you may as well keep reading. See if you can find out something interesting.

Let me know if you do.

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