Sunday, August 03, 2003

I suppose I'd better actually do something here again, it has been over a month now since I bothered.

I'm busy at the website, dammit.

I love a good paradox, don't you? Ever been to A link from their site will lead you to which gives birth to a new paradox. Actually it's an old paradox with a new slant. Well, it's not even an old paradox with a new slant, it's just your run of the mill paradox.

It's a campaign by people fed up with pop-culture (whatever the hell that means) to put black spots on major advertising icons like Coca Cola and Nike and any other famous brand with a billboard somewhere. The idea is to get us all to think like individuals! Stop being led like sheep at the behest of the advertisers! Be subversive and tell the whole world you're not going to play their game any more!!

Listen to US!! We won't lead you astray ;)

It's all in the name of subversion.

Can you see the paradox forming right before your eyes or am I just being paranoid?

It gave me an idea though... My internet persona is the Rat. ChatRat to be nomenclaturatively correct, but Rat will do just fine.

I'd like to send a message to any and all graffiti artists all over the planet to try to outdo themselves putting RAT all over the place. Whether it's a tag or a full on work of art, I want to see RAT everywhere.

The idea is, if graffiti artists and taggers put their own tags all over the place, the authorities take photographs and stow those pics away for use as evidence if the perpetrator gets caught. That way they can be charged for each individual tag or bit of graffiti they have done.

Now, if all of them tagged or did a stirling bit of art with RAT as the theme, it'll lead back to me. And it's just not possible for me to have been in all those places at once. It must therefore be a movement, a conspiracy - and I'll gladly take the rap for that!

The bozos in their little plastic boxes will try to lay the blame for the actual "vandalism" on me and failing with that little charge, they won't be able to get me in court for it again. What's more, I will have no idea at all who is doing it so they won't be able to charge me with aiding and abetting, conspiracy or any other bullshit charge.

Incitement to commit an offence? Possibly, but they're going to have a hard time doing that as well.

The message to the plastic box people is simple - We're withdrawing our support of your stupid ideas and replacing it with NOTHING! That's right, we don't have any political message at all, except to say that we're no longer listening to yours.

We're saying to advertisers that we're listening to each other, not you. We laugh at your efforts to make us believe what you want us to believe, buy what you want us to buy, do what you want us to do. Our message to you is NOTHING. We don't have a message for you. We're too busy doing what we want to do even to bother thinking about you.

The bricks in the wall might be yours, but the message on the wall is ours and our message is that you can't stop us from saying what we want to say.

Taggers and graffiti artists everywhere - Go the RAT! Put RAT tags and art all over the place. Take pics of your work and send them to me -

Let them try to blame me for a world wide campaign of shut the fuck up and listen for a change.

The writing has been on the wall for thousands of years - now it's going to have a voice. How loud the voice depends on how many RATs are visited upon the cities throughout the world.

Visit the Batcave and leave your mark there...

See what it's all about and don't become a part of it. Instead, see what it's all about and DO LIKEWISE. Be different from it, apart from it and in support of its ideals. Don't be a follower, be a co-author. Don't say what I'm saying, don't even do what I do, just see what CAN be said and see what CAN be done and SAY and DO what YOU want to say and do. Get it?

My message is "You can have your own message"

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