Monday, December 24, 2001

Ho ho friggin' ho. It's Monday morning again, and it's Christmas day tomorrow. No work at the angel of automotive for three weeks. The cars of Melbourne are safer than they've been since the place closed for Christmas last year.

Although it has been written elsewhere, I feel I should write something about My Family and Other Animals. Just not here. My older brother takes his modem and runs away denying me of my rightful place on the internet. I run out and buy another one and his one magically re-appears the very same day.

The prick who pinched my IRC nick - ChatRat (obviously) has let it slip and I've got it back. I've also got Grape_Ape back so don't even think about it. Can you tell I'm in a sore mood?

I haven't been to visit my website yet, that comes a bit later today. I'm waiting for more people to use the automail jiggy boo at the bottom of the first page so I can do another page with all the contributions so far. Just at the moment, however, there aren't enough to bother doing it.

Several people describe the world wide timetrap as a big conversation. One of them even has a blog here. Go to and find out all about it. I would especially like to hear from anyone who speaks Italian fluently and that includes Italian slang. So if this is you, trot along to and use the email jiggy boo at the bottom of the first page. I have something I'd like translated so I can do my next newsletter.

For all those who care, have a scintillating Christmas. For those who don't - like me - hurry up and get the BS over with so the rest of us can get back to doing what we like best.

Either way, I hope y'all get a lot of laughs.

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