Monday, November 12, 2001

Monday friggin morning and I'm humming and harring about whether or not to go to work today, or whether I'm going to do some more brain exercises and put words on the world wide timewaste. I know which is more fun but I also know where the faster money is going to come from.

Anyway, the phone rings, it's the boss and he'll be round at my place in half an hour or so to pick me up.

The following paragraphs were removed due to the altered nature of the status quo and the fact that I'm sober. If you would like to know what went on here while your back was turned, I'm not surprised. Voyeurism is enormously prevalent on the internet as the proliferation of pornography sites on the big e-bog would indicate.

If this is the case, I suggest you find a nice quiet place out of direct sunlight and maturbate until the urge goes away.

In the meantime, and if the server is actually working, go play around with the email jiggy boo at the bottom of my page at:
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Failing that, if you're feeling agitated or in some way superior to your fellow man, click on the following which will bring you back to real size and importance:


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