Sunday, June 08, 2008

For those who didn't know...

This is an obscure little blog on an obscure website. My friends read this blog to keep up with stuff I put in it.

Comments I deleted from a previous post included the question "why wasn't my name mentioned in any news reports?"

I would answer but the person who asked the question is not interested in finding out the truth, let alone finding out what I actually do as far as hunting perverts goes.

Well, it goes like this:

Someone sends me a message - could be a kid or an adult friend or contact.

I find out what I can from wherever I can about the person named in the message. If they're an Australian, I email the Australian Federal Police with all the info I have.

I am one of hundreds who do this.

I am also a part of a group of a few dozen who emails various police forces around the world with this sort of information. Sometimes we get that information by pretending to be kids, sometimes we get that information from trolling messageboards. Most of the information I get is a name or one link from which I then try to find more information. Sometimes people from different groups all look for info from their various sources to build a better profile of a predator.

When we get enough info on a specific person, it all gets sent off to police.

The police then do their own investigations and follow up their own leads - and the result is what has hit the news in more places than just Australia.

It just so happens that we get to know if someone we report gets busted. It just happens that way. So, that's how come I know that people I report get busted and that people my friends report get busted. None of us is ever credited by newspapers with being the source of the original information.

And yes, I know authorities would prefer it if I hid my identity. Authorities have, in the past, also instructed me not to communicate with certain news outlets because they WILL publish my identity and thereby compromise my safety far moreso than this obscure little blog ever would.

What shits me though, is people putting me down for what I do when they will not even contemplate doing anything remotely like it themselves. They sit there and point the finger at me and accuse me of all sorts of shit - but they're too cowardly to do anything about it. They don't like me because I'm an ill-tempered, bad mannered, foul mouthed, egotistical swat - and frankly I don't blame anyone for hating my guts.

But how stupid are they to come here and question my motives, my actions, the time I spend doing what I do - commenting about stuff of which they can have no real clue (until now) as if they knew more about the machinations of hunting creeps and how I do it than do the people who actually do these things with me - then come to their wildly inaccurate conclusions based on 90% of information THEY NEVER HAD and 10% of the total of information which they've chosen to interpret in a way that best suits them? Seriously, how stupid can they be?

Either come and hunt predators with the rest of us or fuck off back into your own pathetic and pointless little world of recipes, movie reviews, clots and gossip.


Anonymous said...

That's your big thing? You email Australian Crimestoppers?

Lololol. You act like you set up the program.

You delusional shitbag.

I'm going to laugh about this for days.

ChatRat said...

No I don't email Australian Crimestoppers at all.


See, that's where you keep fucking up when you make these incorrect assumptions.

And where did I EVER say I email Australian (or U.K.) Crimestoppers, huh?

Copy and paste it.

So you lying cowardly little fucker, pull your head in and admit your only purpose here is to discredit what I do.

And what do I do? I help get pedophiles on the internet busted. And you want to discredit that.

Nice going. What do you do on the internet? You infest messageboards and chatrooms and do nothing but gossip.

Become an hero. You are wasting earth's resources.

Anonymous said...

"And the police file report number for the profile of its former owner who is now using the profile is 19375 filed with Australian Crimestoppers last year."

You were saying?

ChatRat said...

I was saying I have never emailed Australian Crimestoppers.

If you knew what YOU were talking about, you would know Crimestoppers wouldn't email back with file number.

I phoned that one through and since then I haven't contacted Crimestoppers with any information regarding anyone else. I was given a better avenue of communication.

Eat shit and die, pissant.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, he doesn't email Crimestoppers, he phones them.

Ah. Same shit, different stink.

ChatRat said...

No, see you can't help yourself but lie.

I phoned crimestoppers about one person. Just one, the first one.

Now I'm dealing directly with a Federal Agent in Canberra by phone and email.

When are you tossers going to learn that you are lying, manipulative worthless maggots, not me.

Anonymous said...

Like I said - he PHONED crimestoppers, not emailed them.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you leave this stuff to the professionals? Seriously.

On reading your blog, all I find is you blowing your own trumpet, tossing libellous statements around and generally self-agrandising and misrepresenting yourslef, and doing little to help. Quite the opposite, most of the crap you do seems to be more damaging to your alleged cause than any genuine efforts by real police.

Give it up, come out of the closet and enjoy what life you have left.


Anonymous said...

"That's your big thing? You email Australian Crimestoppers?"
Ugh, well thats what you said.
Stick to your original argument!
Obviously he doesn't.

Then it changes to;
"Ohh, he doesn't email Crimestoppers, he PHONES them.
Ah. Same shit, different stink."
Then it changes to;

"Like I said - he PHONED crimestoppers, not emailed them."

Anyway, what good are your comments doing? Obviously Crimestoppers isn't involved.
Theres such things trying different avenues as you progress at what you enjoy doing.

And in reply to the other comment, what good do the cops ever do?
All that Rat is doing is speeding up the process for them, scratching around on different surfaces.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Andy darling,

That's garbage. What good do the cops do? Well you won't find them parading around information before they bring a prosecution, that would destroy any chance of a case getting to court. And you only have to look at a few posts on Rat's own blog where police do bring successful operations to a close, but not with idiots like him pasting up libellous websites that damage their investigations, or with inadmissable entrapments.

Dipshits like Rat want you to believe they're part of the process, but please be assured that they are not. There's more than one dedicated information-gathering site regarding paedophiles that see him as a menace to the cause he purportedly supports.

I admire you standing by your friend.

Idiots like him need friends.

Anonymous said...

Good News Everyone!

Paul is dead. LOL

He may now suck his brother's cock in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Lulz. He became an hero.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Paul
you will be missed XXX

Anonymous said...

Karma is a motherfucker, huh?

Anonymous said...

Leave the poor guy alone and have some respect for his grieving are nothing but vultures and arse wipes! And to all the pedophiles out there....justice WILL be done, if not here on Earth, then in Heaven when you stand before God, whether you believe in Him or not. You can run, but you can't hide.

Anonymous said...

RIP Paul. Your family dearly misses you.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P paul your friends and family dearly miss you.

Anonymous said...

Not missed at all!

Why miss a bad person?

Anonymous said...

Ding dong and all that jazz!

Anonymous said...

Why am I so happy when I visit this page?

Anonymous said...

paul you were a man of many talents, and i will surley miss you,
i didnt know you for long enough,
bet rest assured we will carry on finding the maggotts !!as you so called them, so to the annom that thinks its clever to speak ill off the dead, hope you can live with yourself, because there are many to follow pauls footsteps.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you can't read this because you are dead.

The warm insincere messages from your family are also not very helpful, because you can't read them.

You were a worthless faggot while alive. I can only hope oblivion also counts you as existential froth.

Sorry, there's me again - pretending to write to a DEAD HOMOSEXUAL MAN even though I am secretly (shhh!) writing to everyone else who reads this piece of shit blog.

Love and bubbles,


Anonymous said...

I will very much miss our phonesex.

L. Abyrinth


puppet said...


Bleeker said...

"Good News Everyone!

Paul is dead. LOL

He may now suck his brother's cock in Hell."

Won't it be funny when you die unexpectedly then?
Shows the maturity of you.
Hanging shit on someone when they're dead, oh and doing it annonymously.
I bet you punch 6 yr olds in the face for their lunch money too?

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of six year olds being made to do stuff for their lunch money ... isn't it nice that he's still dead?


All the best,



Anonymous said...

He died in 2006. Duh.

Anonymous said...

I still miss you everyday. Your wisdom I have wished for on soo many occasions. I hope you are well on the other side. Send a signal if you get the chance will you?

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