Sunday, April 13, 2008

I wasn't interested in your profile. I was told about those blogs you have put up about me. Did you know that some members of PA are my friends and checks my profile and logs regularly?

Do I care?

- The_Great_Saint:
I encouraged them to take a look. They has testified that there is nothing wrong with me.

Testified? Where? Which court? Did you show them your chatlogs from instant messenger? I bet you didn't. Conspiracy to commit assault is a criminal offence - and it's your chatlog so you can't deny it. Conspiracy to commit assault against a 16 year old... how do you justify that?

- The_Great_Saint:
I was checking your blogs and gave the links to the Netlog Admin as evidence of slander.

What slander? You're a liar, and all the evidence I have - though it doesn't amount to what Admin calls "proof" points quite clearly to the fact you're a pedophile. I'm presently trawling through more than 680 messages and 5 months of chatlogs to compile a sizeable dossier of activity you wouldn't want your Netlog friends to know about.

- The_Great_Saint:
The Admin had written to me if you had evidence then your blogs wouldn't be removed. Thank you for removing the false blogs about me.

Don't thank me, I removed them under duress. And when I get the time to provide proof sufficient to Admin's requirements, those blogs will be reposted. Thank you for playing.

- The_Great_Saint:
Of course I had you blacklisted to prevent you from twisting the truth up.

Truth? Do you know the meaning of the word? You told one 14yo that you don't talk to kids that age. You spoken to Arnold lately? You remember, the 13yo you considered the coolest person you'd met in all of 2007...

- The_Great_Saint:
I wasn't interested in talking to you or making a fuss with you.

I bet you weren't. I'd pwn you to oblivion and you know it.

- The_Great_Saint:
I know you takes a delight in reaction and I didn't even bother giving you a reaction,

Not to my face, but chatlogs are a bastard aren't they - and guess what - I have them. You wouldn't take me on personally so you grizzled and griped to teenagers you thought were on your side and guess what, some them hate you more than do I. 5 months worth of them to be exact. (They'd be the ones I'm going through now for information they've given me about you and others.)

- The_Great_Saint:
and you had to get my friends attention to read your blogs.

Erm, not quite. I googled your old profile names and followed half a dozen messages you'd left on the guestbooks and pictures of teenager after teenager after teenager... see, that's one of the ways I found out that you don't just randomly search profiles. Nobody was over 18. You're 33. If it looks like a turd and smells like a turd, chances are, it's a turd. Change your profile name? The_Great_Turd?

- The_Great_Saint:
Guess what? They decided to stand up for me in their own free will. I didnt even ask them what to do.

Well actually you did. I have that chatlog as well. Jonas might not have but that's ok, I admire the fact he stood up for someone he thinks is a mate. Does he know about your dual messenger regime? Does he know about your webcam requests of 13 and 14 year olds? I bet he doesn't.

- The_Great_Saint:
They wanted to show support. Now, please remove EVERYTHING you has said, written, or anything like into it, I will simply report you. You will lose your account. JUST ONE WORD ABOUT ME, MY NAME, OR ANYTHING. it is reported.


- The_Great_Saint:
Simple as that. Like or not. Don't even be tempted to get clever with me or find a way to answer back. It is proven it is a slander and that's is that.

If it's a proven slander, then take legal action against me. I DARE YOU, Oscar Wilde.



- The_Great_Saint:
So, remove everything from me, and if you EVER think about using your friends or "other contacts" to accuse me, think again, it WILL be you and Netlog Admin already knows that.

half a mo.. the words are English but I'll be buggered if I can make head or tail of this.

- The_Great_Saint:
I gave them full report and history about you. Of course some of PA members trusted you, but now they're thinking again and helped me to report you.

Hmmm.. I doubt it. See, I'm still a member there and you're not. How's that work?

- The_Great_Saint:
Remember, not a single word against me again. I am deleting my account. If I catch a small whiff coming from you on netlog, you're blocked. Like it or not. Yes, I have several friends on netlog and they are not even on my friends list and they are keeping an eye on you now. One more move. It's over for you.

Oh dear god I'm shaking in my boots. Do you know what happens to people who get their Netlog accounts blocked? They make new ones within 3 minutes.

Understand this, you retard, for as long as you keep searching the profiles here for local teenage boys to contact, I am going to know about it. You want me off your case, then you quit being a sleezy git, start being honest and up front about your sexuality and stop telling the kids with whom they can and cannot be friends.

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