Friday, March 21, 2008

My god some people are dumb.

Wonder dickhead John Curry asked me if I'd told one of his "friends" that he, Curry, is a pervert.

Staggers the imagination considering the groups of which I'm a member or moderator.

John, you maggot, I told your friend that you are a convicted pedophile in the state of Florida, I gave your friend directions how to find you and I gave your friend a link to the page I made just for you and about you so anyone and everyone can see for themselves that you are worthless filth whose existence is anathema to the human condition.

You should become an hero immediately. Sooner if you can.

Not only are you a baby-raping scum of the worst possible kind, you are astonishingly stupid with it and all. You are less intellectually endowed than a rotten cabbage. When you do decide to become an hero, shoot yourself in the heart. If you put a bullet in your head, it wouldn't do any lasting damage.

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