Monday, July 09, 2007


They've killed Pete Doherty!

Lulz. Those crazy guys.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's with the 'lulz'? You're not some faceless chat-entity. Your name, age, marital status and whereabouts are all part of the public domain.

It seems disingenuous and artificial. Especially with regards to your 'passtime' activities, which are ostensibly centered around befriending youngsters on the internet.

Don't you find your behavioural profile to be somewhat 'suspect'?

Anonymous said...

No comment?

ChatRat said...

Take trolling lessons from Shao. You suck at trolling.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly I'm rather disappointed in you. Your character is becoming more heinous with each post that you consign to this blog.

Certainly you must strive to present an altogether more favourable portrayal of yourself than this ignominious self-inflicted misery that you've currently wrought on behalf of your own family name.

Some of your remarks are profoundly offensive, others I won't even deign to judge. What kind of role model are you to these 'children', Chatrat?

Do you in earnest truth entreat these children to loathe and despise genetically aberrant individuals? What must their parental figures think of such a loathsome and horrid practice.

Anonymous said...

i love you paul Ritchie, your a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mwah!!!!! REPLY :D xxxx