Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bert steps up to the plate.

Now that our side has got its act together and started supporting the people we like so they don't have to, so too has Bert Bates started going in to bat for Kathy Sierra.

He's doing almost a job on Joey's blog. (I have to ask Joey for permission to link there before I make it public.) Bert is studiously ignoring those who pose too difficult questions for him. I was offended by one particular comment he made about victims and perpetrators and was about to comment on it but I got distracted and opened a Church of Scientology link put up by one of the kids in my IM window. if you're interested.

Shelley Powers has started getting vocal about it in her own way too and she is one woman I'd rather not get offside. I've seen her blog mentioned by Chris Locke but it's been about a year, maybe longer, since I've looked at it.

Why did I bring up Scientology here?

Because, apparently, if you become what the Scientologists call an "SP" or Suppressive Person, any member of the CoS has the right to stop you any way they can - including murder.

See the parallels?

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Joey said...

You, sir, have my permission and never needed it -- thanks for your support ;)