Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Addendum to something...

I was intending to have my last word on Kathy "Helen Darville/Demidenko" Sierra by mentioning one of the comments left on her blog which was "IMMA KILL YOU" repeated about 30 times and signed by Sage@desu.com because it's another meme and it really is bloody funny.
I know I've typed that somewhere before, maybe here but unsuccessfully or perhaps on one of my other blogs. (I'm only updating 3 now, not 5 and the other 2 are friends only.) Or it may be here and visible, I haven't scrounged thoroughly enough.

The reason I'm bringing it up is because her stupid story has assumed a halflife of its own and grown bigger than any of the people involved, indeed bigger than all involved combined.

That IMMA KILL YOU meme made me laugh embarrassingly loudly because the other places I've seen that meme posted almost to the point of it being annoying have as much regard for "codes of conduct" or "internet decorum" or any other Sunday School brand of niceness as a plague of locusts has for the people whose crops they're destroying, thereby consigning those people to slow death by starvation.

Those people who post that sort of thing are people I admire for their boundless creativity, their indomitable joie de vivre, and their unspoken creed that if you take yourself seriously on the internet, you are essentially, an idiot waiting to become an hero. And being an hero is another meme upon which the likes of Scoble and the "Curtail the Lawl" deadhearted cronies would frown for ever.

*Edit* I can't wait, it's just too funny to resist. Sleep can wait...

These might be old news to you, I don't care. You might find them offensive, I care even less. In fact, if they do offend you, I win.

Do you get it yet?

That picture of the cocaktoo in the linkages bit is still my favourite one of all though. I love it because of its unreasonableness. An unreasonableness which reflects the attitude of those who created it and continue to post it. The Anonymous army whose sole reason for being on the internet is to make a mockery of everything at which they can point a mouse. They live to offend the sensibilities, to eliminate boundaries without breaking the law (well, not too much anyway) and to make their world a bigger place where the price of admission is your ability to laugh at yourself.

Those other pictures are just samples of what goes on where I like to hang out.

The removal of all the all the incriminating evidence is annoying to them. If you can't provide links or pictures, as far as they're concerned, it didn't happen. To do what Kathy Sierra did, if they cared enough to bother with her - which obviously at least one did - well, she's lucky she didn't provoke a full on feeding frenzy. But once the Kathy Sierra Meme gets going...


Will Kathy Sierra Darville become An Hero?

Are we offended yet?
Are we feeling threatened yet?

Or is it clear there is no threat, no intention of being threatening, it's just pushing those boundaries, the limits on the freedom to think of these things and share them with like minded people for the purpose at laughing at (Heaven forbid) anything and everything including ourselves.

If you still don't get the idea...

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