Monday, February 23, 2004

My god has it really been 6 months since I last blogged here?


The reason is twofold. I've had writer's block since October last year when some fucked up shit went down in a chatroom and I just didn't feel like being sociable any more. The second reason is because I've been really going berserk fixing up my lovely website.

I have to admit, I really am tickled with the Batcave and also Bravenet web services. I can't recommend them highly enough.

The Batcave ( gives you oodles of space and functionality and the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want to do except link to pictures from outside or post porn - but let's face it, porn is so prevalent on the internet these days, it's boring as hell. It makes a change arriving at a site that doesn't actually contain porn.

I have good stuff to laugh at instead. Lots of links leading all over the place and the best part is, since converting the site to a framed site, most of the links are going to bugger up the visitor until I get it all straightened out. I've not done too badly so far. Most of it opens where it's supposed to open.

I didn't Swamp for ages either. 4 months. Gads, my subscribers must have thought I'd given up on them. They knew I wasn't dead or missing in action because they emailed me from time to time to make sure. Isn't that sweet.

I finished my play, converted the archive of the Swamp to pdf format and put both the play and The Swamp up for sale in the batcave too. Had to open a PayPal account to get it all kicking along, but what the hell... now that the account is up and running - and I've started getting money in it - I can put other stuff up for sale as well - my beloved idea of t-shirts and earthware.


Well that's my news, <-- that's my website. It might not look like much to you, but I like it and it's all my own doing.

Nice start to 2004 for The Rat.


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