Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Let's see what happens here :)

I quit several groups in the last couple of weeks. Two of those had been invaded by the plague who is apparently still bent on getting his sweet revenge against PA.

Rather than rejoin those groups to have it out with him, I thought I'd plonk it here to see just how impressively manic the guy is, to see how far his lunacy extends. Will he join the fray here or take my words here and spread them somewhere else?

Either way, I couldn't give a shit but it's going to be amusing to find out if I'm right on the one hand, and on the other it has been a long time since I blogged anyway so it's well overdue.

Here are the facts after Ardragate:

plague rejoined and scrolled 4 threads. Wherever Ardra posted, plague scrolled.

He wanted her booted out of the comm, neither Liz nor I was prepared to do it because we both know it was Ardra who took down P4Idiots. Hell, I was in an IM convo with her when she did it for the 2nd time in 3 days. We just didn't want that happening to PA so we left her alone.

plague thinks that's just moral cowardice for one and denying him of justice for another.

The sanctimonious stoat hasn't taken into account that Ardra booted 6 members and deleted all their posts as well - including mine - but none of the other 5 is baying for justice. Just him. So, nobody wants justice but him.

I told him why she's not being booted. I even used reverse psychology on him, that to boot her is only giving her exactly what she wants. Why do that? Let everyone see what she's really made of.

A week or so after all this, we start getting notifications from MSN to remove content which breaches their new puritanical code of conduct. We got 7 such notifications in all. And the group managed to survive. Both Dreamian and I - and I expect Liz as well - got an email response from MSN which included the original complaint from plague.

Three days after I posted the email from MSN to the PA boards, plague was still denying he was the one who sent the original reports.

After realising nobody was buying his accusation that someone was using his email address to make those reports, he changed tack and claimed he was going to start doing everything he could to get PA shut down. Since then, not one solitary notification from MSN.

The group was made public again for 90 minutes while ConMonkey and I used a search engine she set up to find questionable messages and images - and he managed to get in and go for a snoop - claiming he'd found lots of nice urls to report to MSN. Still we get no new reports from them of breaches of the code of conduct.

Now I see he's lying again saying he "was told that all sorts of secret things were happening behind the scenes, and that various people were "taking action".

Oh really? What secret things? They must be REALLY secret because I haven't heard diddly about anything going on or that any action is being taken. I'll ask Liz and Dream if they know anything about it, but my guess is they're as much in the dark as I am.

The only "secret" thing I did was report Ironbox's threats to MSN because it would be highly amusing to me if they banned her from all her groups and I don't recall telling anyone I'd done that either. (I still haven't heard back from MSN on that complaint.) Maybe I did, I can't remember and it's not important enough to bother pursuing.

There is another side issue going as well, which strikes me as in just as poor taste as Ardra's return to PA. I've only seen it in one group, but she's reposted Will's message about finding 14 year old girls attractive. I know it's a ruse because I know where Will's coming from. But Ardra, myriad and a couple of others bought it. ConMonkey now knows it was a ruse, Will has congratulated himself on the remarkable success of the ruse - but Ardra, having been called on falling for it - has decided I'm just a fucking creep.

Oh when chester said it, it was the crime of the century but because I'm on good terms with Will, it's perfectly ok. You fucking creep, ChatRat.

The difference, Ardra, is that chester meant it. Will doesn't. I know that, you obviously don't. He set a trap and you're pissed off because you fell for it and I knew it was coming. Sure the topic is in the worst possible taste, but what better way to attract lightning than with a lightning rod.

Face it Ardra, you're turning into a fat little no-life housewife and nobody is more disappointed about that than me. You used to have cred and class. Now all you have is fluffy pink slippers and a collection of The Best of Oprah.

I don't even know why I bothered responding to plague in the first place. It was clear from the outset that the only possible point of view on the whole thing was his own and nobody else had the first damn clue about anything.

Just imagine if we did do to Ardra what she did to six of us - even now. Does he really think doing a backflip is going to resolve anything for anyone? I mean what kind of unbelievable naivete would even prompt a continuation of holding that current line? Is there even one functioning brain cell in that head of his?

And what's with the bullshit and twisting and turning? "I was told of secret agendas..." "action being taken..." Fuck off. Just fuck off. You lost. Get over it.


Apollo said...


Nothing like a good venting of the spleen.

Rat said...

Shit yeah!

Rat's Bitch said...

Glad to see you still keeping order.

Will ROCKS!!!