Saturday, July 03, 2004

Well I'm just too good!

I have just one option for selling a book through and I put out a collection of my internet musings over the last 3 years, designed a front cover, back cover and spine and within two days, one charming individiual had already bought it.

So how good do you think I feel right now!

The Swamp is and has been my pride and joy on the net since May 2001 and all this time later, It has accrued 98 messages in total and ZERO FlyBuys points!

I've been trying to get someone on my side of the International Date Line to buy the thing and snail mail it to me, but no luck so far. I've offered to pay for it, of course and I've even offered to pay for a second copy so some lucky punter with a credit card could order two, send both to me upon receipt of my payment, then I'd autograph one and send it back.

I mean, how good's that?

You get a free book AND it's autographed by the author and all it has cost, basically, is a few bits of clickage from the comfort of your own home.

Go on, be brave...

The Little Shop of Rat's.

And after having quit all my msn groups bar one or two (down from about 13) I finally put my pyreighted version of Photoshop to good use and designed a few t-shirts.

Forty of them in 4 weeks to be precise.

There's a link to the "Ratwears" bit of my e-boggery in the Batcave

Only trouble is, I didn't factor postage into the price of the things too well. I'd thought, yeah, $6.50 for international postage but it ain't. It's $10.50 for the first shirt and $8 per shirt after that.

So basically, I set the price too low and ferked myself in the arse costwise.

I am going to have to come up with something really cunning now or the sale of shirts is going to send me to the wall. So if you're going to go and have a look, just look. Don't buy. At least not until I've had a chance to build up some sort of inventory.

As for the rest of the wonderful world according to The Rat, it's better to be safe and happy in your own home town than visit Rat in his and be forever disatisfied with your own hovel afterwards.

Ah, the joys of living in Melbourne.

It's almost better than chocolate. :)

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