Friday, October 04, 2002

Well, one for the books...

I've moved my Swamp from to because half the subscribers were complaining that they weren't getting my posts. Now half the subscribers are complaining that they didn't get the most recent post. (Including me, but that's usual because I haven't been getting my own stuff for months.)

I have to start being nice to a certain person because he twisted his boss's arm so I could have some (more) free web space to do something self destructive. When I put some content there, it'll be at Sounds almost Spanish, but it's not. It's Aussie. I'm going to be a lab-rat to see what sort of response I can generate. If it turns out to be successful, they'll offer it to other people.

I have to confess to being in awe of The Onion and, so I think I'll do something along those lines, with the added bonus of some personal ads. You know the variety...

Man with big hands wishes to meet wealthy blind woman with big boobs... Phone Richard Kiel on +1 212 555 TITS

It occured to me that the biggest users of the internet are women who like to chat and young males who like to play Counterstrike. Well, I don't mind chatting, but Counterstrike bores me shitless. "Fire in the hold!" I wish it was a fire in your A drive, just quietly. So, a-hunting for obscure news I will go. A-hunting for world news I will go. Everything that is in the public domain will be filched and lampooned - as is my wont - and paraded for all the world to see.

I'd invite anyone passing to send me stuff that's weird, but I already have several stalkers who routinely fill my inbox with all sorts of stuff as it is. (One of them is lovely, so don't get me wrong there. The other is a rampant bible humping Christian freak who is determined to make me change my ways. He has two chances...) Well, now that I'm in my content entering mode, it's time to see what can be done at the Rat's new spot on the e-bog. The of e-space.... oooh I wonder if that url is gone yet...

Time to go do some damage.

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